Llanllwni School's Language Charter 


We as a school are implementing the Carmarthenshire Language Charter.

The simple aim of the Language Charter is to increase the children's social use of Welsh.

The Language Charter requires participation from all members of the school's community to ensure full ownership of it.

 Criw Cymraeg

Criw Cymraeg 2018 2019


Siarter Iaith Bronze Award  


 Cymru Cŵl Week 

 On Friday the 15th of September, we had a successful coffee morning to launch Llanllwni School's Language Charter. During the morning the children performed folk dances and sang a variety of welsh songs. 

 Bore Coffi Cymru Cwl Plant


 Marc Griffiths Cymru FM Workshop

 Key Stage 2 pupils had the opportunity to plan and perform their own radio show. Their radio show was played on Cymru FM.  

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 Sali Mali visits Llanllwni School! 

Sali Mali came to visit the pupils of Llanllwni School, a member of menter iaith carmarthenshire read a story about Sali Mali to the pupils in the Foundation Phase.  

Sali Mali


Language Charter Macots 

Key stage 2 pupils received the opportunity to work with students in Aberystwyth College in order to design, create and animate mascots for the schools Language Charter. 

 Coleg Aberystwyth